Chalol bike ride through the village

Guerrero | Coahuila |
Duración 0 horas

We also think of lovers of bicycle rides, and since we know that there is nothing better than riding through a magical town with a beautiful landscape in the background, we prepare this special activity to give our visitors more options to explore and get to know Guerrero.


Tour the magical town of Guerrero in a special way, visit its streets, historical sites and landscapes from a bike. You can join us in groups that we organize with a guide or go with your partner on a more intimate adventure. Whatever you prefer, get ready to discover a new way of living the desert in the north of the country.




  • Plan your tour and start in the morning when the day is cooler.
  • Wear comfortable and cool clothing to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Bring the necessary equipment.
  • Use sunscreen.


$ 5