Visit the San Bernardo mission in Guerrero, Coahuila

If you are planning your vacation to the magical town of Guerrero, Coahuila, you will surely come across a fundamental stop: the mission of San Bernardo. We are convinced that it is much more fascinating than what they tell you on the Internet, so we decided to make this article with everything you need to know to enjoy it to the fullest.

We start with 5 curious facts about San Bernardo:

  1. It was built in 1702 and is an icon of evangelization in Mexico, as well as a key piece of Texas history.
  2. It is named in honor of Bernard de Fontaine, one of the great figures of Catholic life of that time, he was also commissioned to expand the Gothic style to the architecture of religious spaces. Although curiously in this temple the baroque predominates.
  3. Construction was never finished, so a few years ago INAH took charge of its restoration and tried to continue the construction as it was originally planned.
  4. To this day, the stone blocks used by the natives and the Latin cross-shaped plan are preserved, which was the basis for the structure of almost all the churches built later.
  5. The temple of San Bernardo can be seen from the El Chalol Boutique Hotel, so you can spend a night glamping with a view of this majestic historical vestige.

What makes the architecture of this Mission unique?

You will surely wonder how a place over 300 years old in the middle of the desert has been preserved so well. Well, that’s one of its structural wonders, we tell you why. The construction has a series of vents or small holes that allow the walls to breathe and make that when the outside air is hot, when passing through these walls of almost a meter thick, it becomes cool, and when it is cold outside, it reaches the warm interior. Chance or engineering? Come and draw your own conclusions.

Mission route

To have a complete overview of the history of evangelization in Coahuila and Texas, we recommend that you also visit the Mission of San Francisco Solano, that of San Juan Bautista and the Presidio of San Juan Bautista. All three constitute a true testimony of how the process of conversion to Christianity was; In addition to the preserved and restored buildings, you will be able to appreciate paintings from the 13th century.

Now you are ready to visit the San Bernardo mission! A great accommodation option is the El Chalol Boutique Hotel, located just a few meters from it and from where you can see it throughout your stay. We are waiting for you very soon!