What will your stay at the El Chalol Boutique Hotel be like?

Your visit to Guerrero, Coahuila staying at El Chalol will be an experience you will not forget. In this article we tell you everything that awaits you in this magical place: glamping, gastronomy, culture, kayaking, stargazing, bike rides and more.

Our priority is to make you feel relaxed and create unique memories for you. We want you to know the wonders of the north of the country, its climate, nature and historical treasures, all in a visit that combines history, art, culture and a lot of physical activity. El Chalol is committed to a tourist experience that is different from all of them.

Without further ado, we want to tell you how our guests live their stay, to infect you with enthusiasm and see you here very soon.

You will be greeted by the landscapes of the Coahuila desert with a clean sky in the background, mountains, clouds and warm tones. The climate during the day is warm and refreshing at night, which has forged a characteristic lifestyle: both the inhabitants and the spaces radiate that strength and closeness that they share with anyone as if they were their family.

At El Chalol, handcrafted cabins with modern architecture and design await you, specially designed to connect with nature while preserving that touch of elegance. You also have the option of staying in our incredible glampings: tents with panoramic roofs where you can observe the starry nights of the desert and sleep under its light. In either of these two options you have everything you need to have a comfortable stay: cook, stove, refrigerator and amenities.

Within the 55 thousand square meters of land that make up El Chalol, you can ride a bike, enjoy a picnic, go kayaking in a natural pond, tour the Mission of San Bernardo which is only a few meters away, or rest at the foot from the Alicia tree, the heart of El Chalol.

It will be very easy for you to move to the Historic Center of Guerrero, where you can visit the old Misiones, the pantheon, the house of culture and the La Pedrera Ecological Park. Each one with its own charm to make your days something special.

And the food? In the center you can also find the restaurant La coahuilteca in a 1703 building, where we offer you to taste delicious dishes that honor our ancestors and that you can accompany with a wine. The recommendation: ask for some traditional elotitos and a very cold drink to refresh yourself.

All visitors fall in love with the warmth of the town, its streets and its inhabitants, the places that always tell fascinating stories, and of course El Chalol. The days and nights are incredible! They are full of adventure because we are in a constant search to offer the best of the best. We have already done a hot air balloon festival, wine making workshops, a 4×4 rally on the Rio Grande, races … and we continue to innovate. Rest assured that your visit to El Chalol will not cease to surprise you, even if you come many times, each day will be unforgettable because that is our purpose.

Come to Guerrero, Coahuila and don’t miss the opportunity to visit El Chalol. Book and have an incredible vacation. There are countless experiences waiting for you!